Moving to a new city meant having to start from scratch.  One of the first things I was after was a comfortable mattress.  After a few google searches online, I started seeing ads for Casper, Leesa, and Purple in my Instagram feed (targeted ads are getting more and more creepy).  Actually, it’s hard to walk around the city without seeing advertising in the subway, the PATH.

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I was hard set on either a Casper or a Leesa mattress until I passed by Design Republic on Queen St. and noticed that there was an ENDY pop-up on one of the upper floors.  Their office was was surprisingly minimal with customer service, the design team and web developers all working within what could be considered a medium to large sized apartment.


After being impressed with their office and the king sized demo mattress placed in the centre, I asked how I could get one in my condo.  They explained to me that the mattress came in a large box (a little bit taller than myself at 5’10”) and it gets delivered by their courier at any date and time window worked for me — on a bike.  The mattress also clocked in almost $500 cheaper than a Casper with taxes in and the help of a Canada Day promotion.

ENDY is a sleep company which operates directly to customers through their website and offers products that are entirely Canadian designed, sourced and manufactured.

The mattress is soft enough to hug you, but never feels like you’re being sucked in.  I’m no mattress expert and because of that I think I don’t think I would notice the premium I’d pay if I was to try the more expensive competition.  Supporting a local company is always a plus.

For those who are hesitant, they also offer a full refunds within 100 days if you don’t end up liking the mattress. After sleeping on it for a couple of months, I’m confident that I’ll be keeping it.

If you want to try one out you can save $50 bucks using this referral code: http://endy.refr.cc/ZN6GRBK

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